DSC 0156 2014 Workshop Series

The workshop series will provide farmers at all stages of their careers with usable and accessible information, examples, and hands-on experience in learning the art of being an organic farmer.


Dates and Discussions

Date Topic Description
4/19/14 Intro to Marketing Start the discussion of what markets are available for local farm products and what are the advantages and disadvantages of each. Developing a marketing plan will be included.
5/3/14 Selling to Institutions Working with larger institutions can present challenges for both buyers and sellers of farm products. Many times there are regulatory hurdles, as well as production challenges that stand in the way of selling to institutions. At the same time, large buyers may open new markets and profit centers. This workshop will help producers assess and determine whether working with an institutional buyer is beneficial.
5/24/14 Getting Started : Hoophouse, Starthouse, and Season Extension
Greenhouse and Hightunnel Basics: A Primer for Beginning Farmers – covering seed starting, climate controls, and season extension techniques.
6/21/14 Irrigation Effective irrigation practices can improve yields and quality, minimize water use, and protect natural resources. This unit introduces students to the basic concepts, tools, and skills used to deliver water effectively
6/28/14 Field Production Systems & Weed Management Mechanical Advantage for vegetable growers: How to keep the weeds at bay, setup production systems that work, and identify the right tools you need to do the job well
7/12/14 Food Safety GAPS, sanitation, worker training, handling, washing, cooling and storage of crops. Local regulations and realities will be covered as well.
8/16/14 Cover Cropping Cover crops can be a key soil fertility and pest management tool for growers. This unit introduces students to the role and selection of cover crops for organic farming and gardening systems.
7/26/14 Permaculture Permaculture practice and ideas for organic farming systems. Hosted by Roots to Fruits
8/23/14 Disease and Pest Management Learning to manage and deal with common disease and pest problems on organic farms.